Venarella Hinkle

Dog Days. (Brittany Spaniel)

Title: Dog Days. (Brittany Spaniel) Dog Days $350.00 (original 11x14) 140 lb Arches Watercolor Paper Dog Days $60 (print) 11x14 Textured Paper Dog Days $50 (print) 8x10 Textured Paper

Venarella Hinkle’s love of art started when she was a child watching her big brother, 10 years older, use charcoal and graphite and create the most amazing works of art. She would watch him draw with wide eyes in absorbing wonderment, then run to her own pencil and paper and give it a try.
Her determination to reach a professional level happened in middle school when her sculpture art teacher gave her a failing grade. With renewed zeal, she took the same class, same teacher again the next year. With hard work she received an A with a wood sculpture she still has. 
12 years ago Venarella held Watercolor classes in her home for a local Watercolorist who taught every Monday for two years in exchange for free lessons. Those two years changed her life forever. Since then she has received education in this wonderful medium under well known Artist such as Tom Lynch and Dylan Pierce, and has worked hard to develop her own style and skills.

“When I began my journey in Watercolor”,
“I thought I would always paint autumn landscapes, 
a season I love in my Midwest farm community until we 
rescued a Brittany Spaniel pup named Buddy Boy. 
Our world changed bringing this bundle of fur in our lives, 
and it’s because of him my art work in Watercolor blossomed. 
I learned what it means to paint what you love.
I still love painting autumn landscapes, but I now have ventured 
into pet portraiture and beyond, as well as teaching 
the wonderful effects you can achieve with the 
beauty and transparency of Watercolor”. 


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