The Northwoods Retreat

The Northwoods Retreat 16" x 20" Acrylic $110

Tanya Hinz is a local artist, branded as “Brytans Expressive Art”, who also functions in many other roles including mom to her three boys, Registered Nurse, Member of the Geneva Lake Arts Foundation Inc. Offers certified recovery coaching, is a loyal friend and true Christian to many. Since moving to Mukwonago in 1998, Tanya has been passionate about her community and is looking forward to this great opportunity to bring art into homes throughout our neighborhoods.

 In 2016, Tanya experienced a significant loss with the unexpected passing of a loved one; she had been looking for ways to therapeutically cope during this time. In looking for various ways to work through her grief, Tanya found that when she picked up a paint brush and started to paint for the first time, she felt that the outside world was still and she was finally able to focus and calm her mind; it made her feel alive and at peace. She began blending colors that reflected what she was feeling and found that she was able to express herself through her art. Her surroundings of places, people, and feelings altered what she was creating on her canvas. The loved one Tanya lost was a Musician and Artist, so she also had a quiet void in her life where this music and art once was. She reached out to local Musicians to see if she could join them and live paint at their shows. For the past six years, Tanya has painted at many venues, allowing the music, people and environment to influence what she creates. Most recently, Tanya has also started painting while talking with people and listening to their stories, be it during someone expressing their own loss, someone discussing their battle with addiction, or sharing in their recovery celebration. Tanya has taken donations for specific paintings, and in return, has given back monies to local community charities in support of drug awareness education and mental health causes. (Those causes are posted on her facebook page).

 Tanya’s most recent venture has been focused on providing painting classes for individuals that want to learn how to paint. She is currently teaching virtual painting classes for the past year and child/parent classes will begin this summer. Tanya also teaches classes at local Wineries and holds adult outdoor classes at various parks and at local Libraries. This has allowed her to help others find the inner peace and stillness that comes from art therapy. All her classes are listed under events on her facebook art page. Tanya has truly found painting to be the main thing that helps her to best relax; she credits the loss of her loved one with pulling this talents out from deep within her. Tanya loves spending time in the outdoors, especially around water or deep in the woods – these places have provided her with the best inspiration for what she creates on canvas. Some of her favorite things to paint are a blended sky, flowing water, sunsets, cabins, Fall scenes, butterflies, and various trees; when seeing these things in nature, Tanya is

overwhelmed by their beauty and variety and feels the only way she can truly express this is through her painting. She believes that in order to find our creativity, we must first learn to quiet our minds and be open to new ideas. Her painting style is often described as “flowy and free”. Tanya is extremely excited to have this opportunity to share her talent and gift of painting with her community. It is her hope that you will experience the same peace and joy that painting has brought to her. All her paintings are for sale, Feel free to message her if one calls to you :) 


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