Sybil Klug

Village Sights Along the Camino

Each village along the Camino has a variety of gated houses and entry ways. Most of the homes have a garden, vineyard, and grain storage bin. The grain storage bin is raised above the gardens. The village always has a church or chapel along the trail. You follow the markers for the Camino trail as it winds through the village. 24 X 30 $750.00

Hiking the Camino

This is a composite of many photographs I took while hiking on the Camino from Porto to Santiago in Spain. I wanted to capture the feeling of coming out of the woods and approaching a village nestled in the mountains. The stone fences are typical of the villages, as well as the shrine/cross alone the trail and the grape vineyard in the backyard. 30 X 30 $900.00

Heading Into the Countryside Along t

Heading Into the Countryside Along the Camino, of the triptych, I wanted to depict the hiking in the farm lands. As one leaves or approaches the village the community washing area with water and scrubbing tables was along the path. I condensed several of the washing areas to create this one. Yes, you did see people doing their laundry in some of the villages. The trail wanders away from the road into the farm land. 24 X 30 $750.00

Wisconsin Farm

Wisconsin Farm Driving in Wisconsin I am always impressed by the rolling farm land. Acrylic size gallery wrapped canvas

White River Flows

White River Flows Exhibited Harvard 4th Fridays July 2014 As a Plein Air painter I set my easel up in the Samuel Donian Wetland Preserve in Lake Geneva. I wanted to capture the movement of the White River as it leaves Geneva Lake and starts its journey to the Fox River. The result: White River Flows Acrylic 24 X 12


Haystacks Giverny, France and Monet's haystacks. Monet's farm is now the Giverny museum of Impressionism. They farm the grounds and pile them up.

Back Alley Porches

Back Alley Porches A plein air night painting. I set up my easel in a parking lot in downtown Beaver Dam and tried to capture the feeling of the parking lot lights

Early Morning Sunlight in Monet's

Early Morning Sunlight in Monet's Garden While in France I had the opportunity to paint in Monet's garden.

Daffodils 16 Spring Is Coming

Daffodils 16 Spring Is Coming Each year when my daffodils start to appear I feel the need to create a painting

Close Encounter

Close Encounter Looking closely at the petunia I wanted a new view of them that allowed the flowers to dominate the space. Acrylic, size: 6" X 18"

Boats In Monet's Garden

Boats In Monet's Garden When in France I had the opportunity to paint in Monet's Garden.

Fontana Creek at the Mill Pond

Fontana Creek at the Mill Pond In late spring I was looking for running water. I ended up across from Fontana Grade school at the Mill Pond Pavilion.

Primary Trio

Primary Trio This painting was based on a trio of boats on the lake front in Williams Bay. I was impressed by the primary colors and simplicity of the design of the boats. Acrylic 20 x 16 Simple black frame Price $325.00


Sailing Painted from a photo taken during a sailing race on Geneva Lake. It is always exciting to see the white sails skimming across the lake on a sunny day.

I had the opportunity to visit Giverny, France and pain in Claude Monet's garden. We were permitted to paint early in the morning before the garden was opened to the public and after hours. Even with the threatening rain and actual rain, I painted.

Claude Monet and his fellow impressionists painted outside "en plein air". Plein air painting refers to creating a work of art outside. The desire to paint light and its changing, ephemeral qualities is the challenge for a plein air artist.

As a plein air painter, I paint on site capturing the feeling of time of day and the surroundings. After studying the scene before me and doing a quick sketch to determine the value relationships and movement I want to create in the painting, I work directly on the canvas. Plein air paintings are created quickly because of the changing light and shadows.

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Using a limited palette: warm and cool red, warm and cool yellow, warm and cool blue and white I enjoy the excitement of mixing and combining colors. To me this is the joy of painting. I use the colors to build the shapes of objects in my paintings. Often I will do an underpainting of the composition using the one primary color. Spots of this color will be seen in the finished composition adding life to the painting. The Fauves, Georgia O'Keefe, and Monet have influenced my use of color while I simplify the shapes of objects.

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