Susie Williams


16 1/2 x 21 1/2 - $275.00


16 1/2 x 21 1/2 - $275

Queen Anne's Lace

17 x 22 - Private Collection

Bird's Nest

20 x 17 - $300.00


23 x 23 - $300.00

Tulips With Bulbs

23 x 23 - Private Collection


18 x 18 Framed - $300

Hibiscus With Bud

18 x 18 Framed - $300.00

Three Apples

17 x 16 Framed - $275.00

Autumn Ginkgo

19 x 25 - $275.00

Asparagus Fern

20 x 24 - $200.00


18 x 22 - $275.00

American photographer Annie Leibovitz says that nature is so powerful and strong and that capturing its essence is not easy …”it takes you to a place within yourself.” Like the famous photographer, botanical painting is a quiet time for me in which I am taken to a place within myself. I enjoy the study and discovery of patterns that make each specimen unique or similar to another. I paint primarily botanical watercolors, but also work in graphite and pen and ink. I have always been drawn to detail and enjoy subtleties in color, differences and similarities in shape, and variation in line.  I try to capture the lovely composition, beauty, and grace that is inherent in plants and nature while giving each subject its own particular identity.

Juried Exhibitions

The Art Center, Garden Party Exhibition, Highland Park, IL. “Hibiscus Lilies and Mums,” June 19 – July 16, 2009; RAM’s Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, Racine, WI. “Protea,” June 4-August 27, 2011;

23rd Annual Midwest Season Exhibit, Center for Visual Arts, Wausau, WI, “Bird’s Nest with Feathers”, “Wild Carrot”,  Jan. 11 – March 9, 2013; Watercolor WI., “Robin’s Bird Nest,” Dec., 2013-April 2014, Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, (Wustum Merchandise Award); 24th Annual Midwest Seasons Exhibition, Center for the Visual Arts, Wausau, WI, “Chicken Feathers”,  Jan. 14- 2014; 16th Annual Botanical Art Exhibition at Filoli, “Beet”, 2014, Woodside, CA.;  Mixed Media Art Exhibit, Wustum  Museum of Fine Arts, Racine, “Magnolia”, Aug.-Nov. 2014; Watercolor WI.,  Ram’s Wustum Museum, “Three Pears”, “Onion”, Dec. – April 2015; The Center for the Visual Arts, 2015 Midwest Season Exhibit, Wausau, WI., “Hummingbird’s Nest” Jan.-March 2015; “Two Poppies,” 26th Annual Midwest Seasons Exhibit, Center for Visual Arts, Wausau, WI, Jan. – March 2016. 19th Annual Botanical Art Exhibition, Filoli, "Tulips with Bulbs", Aug. - Oct. 2017; Watercolor WI., 2017, RAM's Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, "Hibiscus with Bud", Dec. 2017 - April 2018.

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BA, Art Education, Kansas University; MA, Reading Disabilities, Southern Methodist University; PhD, Communicative Disorders/Learning Disabilities, Northwestern University



Professional Background

Art Education teacher, Reading Specialist and Learning Disabilities Teacher (Public Schools), Reading and Learning Disabilities Professor (DePaul University)

Showing and Exhibitions

Geneva Lake Arts Foundation Exhibitions (GLAA; GLAF),​ 2008 - 2017; Art in the Park GLAA; GLAF members tent, summer 2011, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017; Lake Geneva Library, 2009, 2012; M&L Bank, Jan. 2010; Talmar Bank, 2013; Brick Street Market, Delavan, solo exhibit, July/Aug. 2013, and class exhibit, 2016; Lilypots, Oct 2010, Sept 2012, Dec., 2017; Botanical Art Exhibition by Heeyoung Kim and Students, Brushwood Center, Riverwoods, IL., Nov., 15, 2015 and Jan. - Feb., 2017; Flower Market, Walworth, 2016 ,2017; Olive Oil Shops, Lake Geneva, 2016, 2017.

Art Memberships

American Society of Botanical Artists; RAM Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, Rachine, WI.; Center for the Visual Arts (CVA), Wausau, WI.; Art Institute, Chicago, IL.; Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI.; Geneva Lake Arts Foundation (GLAF), Lake Geneva, WI.