Shelly Heiss

For most of my life I have been exploring ways to express myself artistically.  My training and experience include watercolors, oils, acrylics and pen and ink, to name a few.  I have been creating with glass for over 21 years, but it wasn’t until late 2019 that I bought my first kiln and began glass fusing.  My drop-out vessels are created with a multi-step process that takes several days from start to finish.  The term “drop-out” refers to the glass dropping through a mold that has a hole in the center.  As the glass “drops”, it stretches and gets thinner, causing beautiful, unique patterns and transparencies that resemble hand blown glass.  It is then finished with grinding equipment and hand sanders.  The soft, matte finish is created by sandblasting the vessel and hand polishing it with a special glass sealer. 

My studio overlooks the beautiful Kishwauketoe Nature Conservancy in Williams Bay, Wisconsin.  

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