Rebekkah Burtcher

I lie on the ground, squinting.  Some bright red berries and jumbled branches are my focus.  Blue sky peeks in between, creating a silhouette of thorns.  My dog sighs and lies down next to me; as my photography partner, she knows our walk is on hold.  I'm engrossed in the berry bush, but she is ever alert to our surroundings, and nudges me back to reality if an unsuspecting person tries to use the sidewalk and finds me in their path instead!
Snapping photo after photo, time seems to stand still.  I’m absorbed with the colors, the light, textures and angles in my camera’s viewfinder.  The elements swirl in my mind, and I search for combinations that say to me, “This is nature--clear and beautiful, structured yet wild.”  Eventually, I’m satisfied and wake from my trance.  My partner and I stand up and resume our walk--at least until nature’s next display catches my eye!
I pursued art education in ceramics and was the studio manager at Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois.  Later, I became the resident artist at Trumbel Pottery in Richmond, Illinois.  Photography canvases, prints, and cards are exhibited at the 223 Gallery in Lake Geneva.

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