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Kintsugi Presentation by Steve Jensen

• 2024: JUNE 27, Thursday

• 6:30 PM social time

• 7 PM Presentation

• Open to the Public

We have a unique presentation for you in June by new member Steve Jensen.  Steve will introduce us to the art of Kintsugi.  The 400 year old Japanese art of mending ceramics using precious metals, such as gold, silver and copper.  The purpose behind Kintsugi (translated as gold mending in Japanese) is to create beauty from brokenness.  Rather than trying to hide the damage to a broken piece, Kintsugi highlights the repair or imperfections, rendering a new piece that is more exquisite and valuable than it was before the break. 

Steve was born and raised in Japan and thus has an affinity to the aesthetic of Japanese art and crafts.  He is a certified facilitator with Academy Kintsugi and trained by a Kintsugi Master from Japan.  Steve has led Kintsugi workshops in the U.S., India and Dominican Republic and now workshops are open at Gallery 223. 

Don't miss learning about this exciting art of Kintsugi! 


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