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Frankie Johnson Presentation

Updated: May 19

MAY 25, 2023


7:00 PM Painting Florals Using Oils

Visitors Welcome!

Gallery 223

223 Broad St.

Lake Geneva, WI

"I have been painting since I was ten years old. That’s when I had my first oil painting classes as a private student one summer. My grandmother's gift to me. I have been painting ever since.

At the age of twenty, I took another oil painting class at a private art school in Wauconda, IL. The wonderful woman who owned this school, took me under her wing and exposed me to a world of art which I had no idea about. She saw something in me that she believed in and trained me to become one of her teachers.

She built a future for me that I was totally unaware of at the time. She gave me the confidence to survive on my own. When she sold the school and left town I was terrified.

It’s been over 45 years. I have my own Fine Art School for 28 years now and it is a mirror image of my mentor. She and her husband taught me how to succeed in a business and my own passion to paint has continued to grow in ways I never knew it would.

I am thrilled to say that my work has been collected by hundreds of art lovers around the world. Winning top National & Regional awards, confirms, that my hard work and dedicated passion has had some remarkable rewards."

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