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Adult Beginner Watercolor Class by Artist Sharon Larson

Updated: Sep 1

2023: 6-week sessions on Tuesdays

Tuesdays 1:30 - 3:30 PM.

$130 for 6-week session.

Space is limited.

Next Session: 9/26/23 to 10/31/23

Session 1: 8/8/23 to 9/12/23 (completed)

Session 2: 9/26/23 to 10/31/23 (filled)

Session 3: 11/14/23 to 12/19/23 (open)


Gallery 223

223 Broad St.

Lake Geneva, WI

To Register:

Please contact the artist, Sharon Larson, via email, directly to register and make payment for the class. She will also answer any questions you may have on class content and payment, and/or to be put on a waiting list. Provide your phone number in order for her to reach out to you personally.

Sharon Larson:

See Sharon's Biography

Class Description:

The first four weeks of class is packed with demonstrations and “how to” do various techniques, learning how to use watercolor qualities to create beautiful paintings. The last two weeks is when the student puts all this information together to make paintings. Sharon will help with any questions and critique. At the end of the 6-weeks, the student will have enough information and some practice to paint for a long time till he feels ready to move onto intermediate/advanced classes. We have a break after the first hour and refreshments. You will always go home with something you are proud of and is beautiful.

Supplies Needed** Watercolor Paints in tubes should include: Ultramarine Blue; Combat Blue; Yellow Ochre; Cadmium Yellow; Cadmium Red Light; Cadmium Orange; Burnt Sienna; Raw Umber; Chinese White; Sap Green and Violet. Brushes: I large and l small round brush; I flat brush; 1 fine brush (like a sign painters) ++The size of the brush is determined by what size paper you choose. Other Supplies:

1 tablet 140lb watercolor paper, cold press-you decide the size 1 good eraser and pencil 1 palette-larger better, butcher trays ideal Water container and small water spray bottle Roll of paper towels 4 reference photos of things you really love

**Generally, the higher quality material you use, the better the results. If you are not sure you will like watercolor, general supplies from Walmart is a good place to start.

Classes will be tailored to the individual and their abilities. We will begin with basic drawing techniques and then work in various mediums. Students will focus and explore using line, shape and space, as well as composition. Students will learn various drawing techniques and are strongly encouraged to develop and express their own personal style.


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