Nikki Marsicano

Owl II

8 x 8" ink and acrylic on wood panel $200.00 Metal and giclee prints available

My work is always focused on composition.  I think about the shapes I make with objects such as trees, people, and animals, and also about the shapes created in the background areas.

I want my work to have a life of its own after it is created, and dislike giving my work titles but do so for inventory purposes. The meaning or interpretation of each work is left to the individual viewer.

My passion for drawing is reflected in the many lines used in my work so that sometimes my work is both drawing and painting. A limited palette of three to four colors is used so that the focus remains on shape and line.

The inspirations in my life and art are nature and the human environment. The woods and foliage that surround my home inspires many images in my work.

  Biography: I received my fine arts education at UWM -Milwaukee and UNM – Albuquerque (BFA degree) and my Pre K-12 Art Specialist certification at UW- Whitewater. Recently retired after 29 years from classroom teaching K-8, I have illustrated three children’s books by Marilyn Ellman.  My work has been on exhibit at various venues in Wisconsin and New Mexico and can be found in collections across this country as well as Europe and Asia. Currently serving as president of Geneva Lake Arts Foundation, I support its mission by volunteering for various programs which brings the arts to the community including Art in the Park.

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