Lauren Bandler

My name is Lauren Bandler and I live in Delavan, WI with my wife. She is a photographer and I am a Quality Engineer. I started painting in 1982 after watching Bill Alexander in PBS. After a few really horrible attempts at painting landscapes I was introduced by a colleague to the Allis Chalmers Art Association in West Allis. This was a very active group which had two meetings per month and several shows per year around the Milwaukee area. One meeting was always a demonstration by a noted artist in the area and the other was a critique given by another noted artist on a piece you would bring. I certainly learned a lot about composition, color and techniques. It was here I met a now lifelong artist mentor, Joe Stanke of New Berlin. I took lessons from him and eventually won a best of show award at one of our shows. I continued to paint until the early 2000s when I ran out of time and interest. Just recently I renewed my creative spark and got the studio back together again. My position provides me with travel all over the world and I take advantage of this with my camera. I now have thousands of photos from Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, China, Germany, Ireland and Italy which will form the basis of what will be my new works. I also spend several weeks in the summer touring the Western US, and its National Parks, on my motorcycle. This has generated more photos. My engineering background provides me with the mindset of planning the work and working the plan. Each painting provides unique challenges and it is this which I most enjoy.

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