Jane Borgardt

Bell Orchid, Chicago Botanical Gardens

$30 print 8"x10"

Jane Butera Borgardt has a B.A. in Fine Art from Northeaster Illinois University. She exhibits in both Illinois and Wisconsin. She works in many diverse mediums. In 2011 she was awarded 1st place 'Photographer of the Year' for her work titled 'Harvest'. She also received the 2nd place award for her mixed-media piece named 'The Lady.' In 3rd place was her 3-D piece entitled 'Abundance.' Jane has worked as an art teacher at all levels from preschool Montessori art classes to classes at The Collège of DuPage in Wheaton, IL. She still enjoys part-time teaching and substitute teaching. She particularly likes to photograph and research areas of historical interest around her beloved Geneva Lake, Wisconsin home.

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