Image Upload

GLAF is now offering a Members’ Artist Gallery via the home page of our website.  This is an opportunity to display your work of art, as well as an opportunity to offer your pieces for purchase.  This is a member benefit for those who signed up at the membership category to have either one or up to 50 images on the website.

If you choose to offer your artwork for purchase, please follow the instructions below.  If you choose to simply display your artwork you do not need to provide the pricing information.  Do include a brief bio with the images(s), if you wish.

Whether you are uploading one image or multiple images, a link is provided for the viewer to contact the artist directly, if you wish.  The only information that will be provided for contact is your personal email address only.  NO links or redirecting to other websites will be allowed.  Once you are contacted by a guest, you may respond and direct your guest as you feel appropriate.

Please follow these instructions BEFORE uploading your images:
-    Image file names should be named the title of the work (ie FlowersInBloom.jpg);
-    Images should be at least 800 x 600 (4’ x 6’) in size or larger;
-    If the images have pricing, please send a separate email to: with the pricing information in the following format:
Name of Image, Pricing Information, Image Description
For example:
FlowersInBloom $30 (print) 8’x10’ Standard Paper
FlowersInBloom $200 (original) 12’x14’ Watercolor Paper


If you are having difficulty using our image upload tool, please email the images(s) to: