Image Upload

If you selected the Artist Member with Website Representation (1 or 50 images) please use the following tool to upload your images.


Image Upload Guidelines

Please follow these instructions BEFORE uploading your images:

  • Image file names should be named the title of the work (ie FlowersInBloom.jpg)

  • Images should be at least 800 x 600 (4" x 6") in size or larger.

  • If the images have pricing, please send a separate email to: with the pricing information in the following format:
    <Name of Image> <Pricing Information> <Description>

For example:

FlowersInBloom $30 (Print) 8"x10" Standard Paper
FlowersInBloom $200 (Original) 12"x14" Watercolor Paper

Having difficulty using our image upload tool? Email the image(s) to: