Gwenn Granquist

4 The Birds Pottery began on October 1st 2013
I've always had the urge to "play in the clay" but never had the opportunity to do so until two years ago when our local high school offered a pottery class. So that's how it all began. Needless to say I fell in love with the feel of the clay and the creative opportunities it offered me. I started on the wheel and moved into slab building when I tore a muscle in my thigh and couldn't sit at the wheel.

Building from a slab of clay has enabled me to create unusual pieces mostly related to my love of gardening. I enjoy the process of beginning with an idea or a sketch and laying out the design, rolling the clay, cutting the pattern and joining it together and thinking of how the finished piece will look.

I've been so fortunate to have friend who was a "potter" and gave me my kiln and slab roller. And so, another small business began. My studio is in my home and all of my piece's are handmade in stoneware and glazed with food safe glazes. I sell retail through Etsy and through local art fairs and wholesale to local garden centers.

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