I live in beautiful Walworth Wisconsin, which provides me with an incredible amount of 'free' material. From sunrises, birds, moon shots, etc. Just drive around and photographs are just begging to be taken. I make it a habit to bring a camera wherever I go. I also love to write poetry, put together still video productions using sights and sounds from a variety of events. My passion for artistic expression has only been rebirthed in the last few years. I started in art as a young hippie following the Grateful Dead all over the country. After a dark period, with a deep and vibrant faith in God, I embarked on a new journey with my art. My art is an expression of my appreciation of His created beauty and gratitude for a new life. There is beauty everywhere, "Sometimes we can get shown the light in the strangest of places if we look at it right". - Jerry Garcia

My motto is: Colors without chemicals! - PEACE

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